Talk. Stop. Talk. Erm…Stop. No, Talk.

Now, I’d like to stop, and go away. I’ll not talk till I feel like talking.

*Time passes*

Now, I’d like to talk. Talk to me. I am talking to you, aren’t I? Why aren’t you talking to me? But don’t talk to me about this and that. I prefer that and this.

*Time passes*

Now, I’d like to stop. I am not talking.

*Time Passes*



Stop making the rules, I said. Either you talk, or you don’t. You aren’t the only one in the relationship. There’s one more person. For a very weird reason, I thought of the East India Company.

No Return

I have drowned enough on this long road. The curves, the blind-turns, the slopes, the accidents; I have survived them all. Mountains in the rear-view. Their smile a thumbs-up. Fare well. There is an unpleasant comfort in the rear-view. Known.

It’s the plains now. The road ends, soon. Just a few moments, and I’ll be renewed. A change of clothes, life, fears, friends, emotions, pain, shoes, perspective, future, and a new set of tyres.

Seems dreadful.

But, I won’t turn back.

Who we Are

Life shouldn’t be so angry with us. We should not be too (angry with life, i.e.). After we have made a big deal of all the things in our life, we should look at our life.

It will be fun.

Broken bangles in a pentagonal, or hexagonal if you prefer, tube.

We will make our meaning of what we say and chest-thump it for a while, because we are too busy to make sense of history.